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Originally built in 1875 as the Council Club Hotel, this charming old building has had many refurbishments, the most notable being the addition of the second story in 1902. The building was delicensed in 1970.

In 2006 Heather & Neil Barrett purchased the building to provide a home for the then newly formed Mount Alexander Sustainability Group. When MASG left for greener pastures in 2008, extensive renovations were carried out to provide offices and a high quality restaurant.  The aim was to refurbish the building whilst maintaining as much as possible of the original building. Whilst respecting its heritage, some contemporary architectural changes have been made to make the building more climatically comfortable and to meet current safety standards.  Prior to the renovation,  full energy audit was conducted and  many sustainability features were incorporated into the rebuilding.

The building was officially opened in April 2010 by former science minister, the Hon Barry Jones who had stayed at the hotel with his father in 1946 and mentioned the experience in his biography . The opening was captured on video and published under the title of From Pub to Hub. See below for details.

In 2018, the restaurant was converted to offices, making a total of 19 offices plus meeting room and kitchen in the building.

Water efficiency features:

  • four water tanks in the garden. three are used for the MASG display garden and one for the WCs
  • low-flow water fixtures
  • a waterless urinal

Energy saving features:

  • passive energy design featured in the new Templeton St entrance
  • roof space insulated with R 3.5 insulation
  • roof painted with reflective paint to lower temperature in summer
  • the 100 year old clerestory acts as a thermal chimney with automated opening and closing windows to flush heat
  • where possible windows made operable for airflow
  • low-energy light globes
  • some windows in key positions have been double glazed for both noise and energy reduction
  • the air conditioning system provides heating and cooling when temperatures are outside the set parameters of 19° and 26°. Individual control allows for individual rooms to be off when not in use – leading to a substantial reduction in energy consumption. State-of-the art Data Demand Control software manages this
  • manually operated shade blinds fitted to north- and west- facing office windows

Renewable energy feature:

  • 100% Greenpower for both electricity and gas
  • solar hot water system to be installed when the current gas system reaches the end of its life


  • some of the newly constructed elements of the building have been made with timber recycled from within the building. For example, the restaurant reception counter has been made from the old bar which came from a bank in Talbot in the 1980s.
  • recycled hardwood timber in restaurant and balcony, finished with low toxicity clear finish in restaurant


  • a short walk from the Castlemaine Railway Station
  • undercover bike racks at rear of building
  • a shower provided for those who cycle or run to work.

Pub to Hub DVD

Purchase the DVD: ‘From Pub to Hub – Stories from Castlemaine’s Council Club Hotel 1875-2010’. The DVD contains a wonderful selection of stories told by the children of former licensees and pub clients. A bonus is film of the opening of the Hub by Barry Jones in April 2010.

$19.95 + $6 postage

‘The Hub’
233 Barker Street
Castlemaine 3450