The single story Council Club hotel was constructed in 1875, replacing a dilapidated grocery store. The hotel was largely demolished in 1901 to be replaced by a two story hotel, still called the Council Club. After undergoing many changes inside and out over succeeding decades, the hotel was delicensed in 1970. The latest refurbishment was commenced in 2006 and completed in 2010.

It has operated as the Hub building for the past nine years. there are currently 15 offices and a restaurant. Two restaurant businesses have operated in the building, The Good Table for seven years and The Local for just one year to the end of 2017. for 12 months now the restaurant has remained vacant. As a result plans are now underway to convert the restaurant space to offices.

The history of the building is well told in the DVD From Pub to Hub which was produced for the re-opening in 2010.  The DVD includes an entertaining speech at the re-opening by Barry Jones AO. Barry had stayed at the pub with his father in 1946.